OEM HTC Droid DNA Rear Housing Assembly Replacement Repair Parts

Know More:

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HTC Droid DNA Rear Housing Assembly



Size: 141×70.5 mm

Material: Plastic

Compatibility: HTC Droid DNA

NFC Function: With NFC function


Product Features & ETS Advantages:


Product Features:

The item OEM HTC Droid DNA Rear Housing Assembly has the following features or includes the following component(s): Without Red Side Rail. As many other flagships, HTC Droid DNA is also built in with NFC function. Not like Samsung Galaxy series which builds its NFC wires on the battery, HTC Droid DNA has installed its NFC wire on its back cover. Compared with the former HTC One X, Droid DNA did have obvious improvement. First, the back cover and battery now is movable. Second, the SIM card tray and power button is on top of the phone. Third, there is a functioning led light bulb on the back side of the phone. All these differences make HTC Droid DNA a unique and competitive phone in the market.

HTC Droid DNA Rear Housing Assembly Front Side Upper Part

Upper part of HTC DROID DNA Back Cover

HTC Droid DNA Rear Housing Assembly Front Side Bottom Part

Bottom part of HTC DROID DNA Back Cover

ETS Advantages:

Dedicated to become the No.1 supplier of cell phone parts, ETrade Supply now is still moving on. ETrade Supply has established the ISO9001 certificated QC procedure. We conduct strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test for each HTC Droid DNA Back Cover. before package and transportation. Besides, we also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to all replacement parts for HTC Droid DNA. ETrade Supply also supplies other HTC replacement parts.


Purchasing & Installation Notes:


The HTC Droid DNA Back Cover Please choose the right type before purchasing according to the above-mentioned differences for fear of causing troubles. Besides, please check up the product appearance and function before signing, because any collision will be caused during transportation.

Please push the battery door from up to down slowly and gently during installation, because the plastic battery door clip is easy to be damaged with overexertion. Also, please be kindly noted that ETS cannot be responsible for any possible damage caused by personal factor. Besides, any corrosive material should be kept away from the HTC Droid DNA Back Cover.

Watch our disassemble video:

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