OEM HTC Desire C Digitizer Replacement Repair Parts

Know More:

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OEM HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen



Screen size: 3.5 inches

Technique principle: capacitive

Place of origin: Taiwan

Type of connector: plug-in


Product Features & ETS Advantages


Product Features:

1. HTC Desire C is one of the low-end HTC phones like HTC Explorer and HTC Wildfire S, but it shares a similar design with HTC One X, Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0a, Beats Audio, and support for NFC.

2. As a great important component part of HTC Desire C, any defect of the digitizer may have impact on the normal performance of the whole device. After constant use, your HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen may suffer from wear and tear quickly.

3. This Desire C Digitizer Screen is a good replacement part for your scratched, cracked or damaged Touch Panel. Do not hesitate and give you phone a fresh and new look. Wholesale will be greatly welcome and appreciated.

ETS Advantages:

1. ETrade Supply provides OEM Brand New HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen with high-quality and reasonable price.

2. As the first enterprise of the electronics parts service industry to get the ISO9001 certificated QC of quality system, ETrade Supply conducts strict visual inspection and functionality test for each HTC Desire C Touch Panel before package and transportation. We also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to the HTC Desire C Touch Screen.

3. Therefore, our product is quality assured. Besides, ETrade Supply also supplies other related replacement parts, such as HTC Desire C LCD Screen.


Purchasing & Installation Notes


1. Make sure you choose the right model before purchasing for fear of causing any trouble.

2. Please handle the flex cable carefully during installing the HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen. Besides, great attention should be paid to buckle the Desire C Touch Screen onto the motherboard since the flex cable is fragile.

3. Please be kindly noted that ETS cannot be responsible for any possible damage caused by personal factors. In addition, any corrosive material should be kept away from this HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen, which shouldn’t be piled up together and should be stored in the dark and dry environment.


View details:

OEM HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen

HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen front side upper part with flex cable

OEM HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen

HTC Desire C Digitizer Touch Screen flex cable and connector

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