KDDI’s HTC J One variant packs a microSD slot (updated)

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These days, the presence of a microSD slot on new handsets is arguably more important than the amount of storage on the inside. One such slot found its way onto the Chinese variants of HTC’s One, and now Japanese network KDDI has unveiled its model — the HTC J One (aka HTL22) — also with expandable memory on the spec sheet (up to 64GB cards supported).

Correction: We originally reported that some of the camera modes shown off in the HTC J One promo video below were new, but commentors have pointed out that these features already exist within the gallery / Zoe UI. The video gives the impression that these features were moved to the camera UI, alongside HDR and panorama (like on the GS4), but that’s not the case. A few eyes also spotted there’s some extra detail on the back panel below the camera. Fear not — we’re digging.

Update: We’ve come to the conclusion that the black oblong under the main camera — similar to the one found on KDDI’s J Butterfly variant — is for IR communications (read: it’s different from the power-key emitter). Oh, and that logo under the flash signifies FeliCa NFC-based payment support.

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