OEM Apple iPad Mini LCD Screen

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OEM Apple iPad Mini LCD Screen

Size: 7.9″

Resolution: 1024*768

Origin: China

Ratio: 4:3
Product Features & ETS Advantage

Product Features:

iPad Mini LCD Screen

(Front Side of iPad Mini LCD Screen)

iPad Mini LCD Screen

(Rear Side of iPad Mini LCD Screen)

iPad Mini LCD Screen

(Codes on the Back of iPad Mini LCD Screen)

iPad Mini LCD Screen

(Flex Cable Ribbon of iPad Mini LCD Screen)

The iPad Mini LCD Screen has the same resolution as the 2nd generation of iPad screen, so the iPad Mini LCD can also display a sharp picture. The iPad Mini screen features a clip type of connecting port. The screen flex ribbon is separate component used to connect the screen to the motherboard. If the iPad Mini screen is shipped together with the flex ribbon attached, it is advisable to adhere the ribbon on the back of the screen in order to avoid damaging it.

ETS Advantage:
ETrade Supply has established the ISO9001 certified QC procedure. For each iPad Mini LCD Screen, we apply strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test process before packaging and transportation. We also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to the iPad Mini LCD Screen. Apart from this part, ETrade Supply also supply other iPad Mini replacement parts such as iPad Mini Rear Housing.

Purchasing & Installation Notes

The iPad Mini LCD Screen is a fragile electronic component and can be easily damaged if improperly handled during the process of repair or replacement. ETrade Supply cannot be responsible for any possible damage caused by incorrect installation. When putting a lot of iPad Mini LCD Screen together, please try not to pile them up because too much pressure may cause damage to the digitizer. Also, please try to handle the repair or replacement work in dry environment without direct sunlight (the temperature should be kept between -20 ℃- to +70 ℃).  Also, please keep the iPad Mini LCD Screen away from acid, alkali or other corrosive materials.

iPad mini disassembly video

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