OEM HTC Sensation 4G Front Housing (T-Mobile)

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OEM HTC Sensation 4G Front Housing



Size: 126.1×65.4

Materials: Plastic and metal

Compatibility: HTC Sensation 4G

Origin: Taiwan


Product Features & ETS Advantages:


Product Features:

1. Released in April 2011, HTC Sensation 4G is no doubt a best seller. The bezel of the front housing of HTC Sensation 4G is made of metal, which is stronger and better in receiving signals than plastic one.

2. There are many small components on HTC Sensation 4G front housing, which all have unique functions. There may be slightly difference between the parts we supplied and the one in your cell phone.

Top part of HTC Sensation 4G

 OEM HTC Sensation 4G Front Housing (T-Mobile)

Top back part of HTC Sensation 4G

OEM HTC Sensation 4G Front Housing (T-Mobile)


ETS Advantages:

1. Is ETrade Supply legit? Of course yes. ETrade Supply has been supplying wireless repair parts for customers around the world since 2006 and we have ISO9001 certification.

2. Does Etrade Supply sell 100% OEM parts? All products named OEM are real OEM parts. We do sell non OEM parts, but we won’t sell high copy parts in the name of OEM parts.

3. I can’t find the parts I want anywhere, what should I do? Contact our customer service representatives, let them help you.

Apart from this part, ETrade Supply also provide other HTC Sensation 4G parts.


Product Features & ETS Advantages


1. It is highly recommended that before making any order, please double check the version of the parts you want. If you are uncertain about it, please contact our customer service representatives by Live Chat.

2. It is advisable to let professionals to replace your damaged phone. Fix a broken phone is not a easy job and ETrade Supply won’t be responsible for the damage occurred during installation process.

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