OEM Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing


OEM Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing


Product Features & ETS Advantages


Product Features:

1. Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing is an important component part of the whole device. It’s easy to drop or smash the phone during daily life. And after constant use, Lumia 920 Front Cover may suffer from wear and tear quite quickly.

2. Lumia 920 Front Housing is made of durable material, which can offer perfect protection to your cell phone and ensure the longer usage of your mobile phone.

3. This Lumia 920 Front Cover is a perfect replacement part of the original one and an excellent repair part for your scratched, cracked or damaged Front Housing. Do not hesitate and give your phone a fresh and new look. Wholesales will be greatly welcome and appreciated.



OEM Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing

Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing front side upper part

OEM Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing

Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing rear side bottom part

ETS Advantages:

1. ETrade Supply provides OEM Brand New Nokia Lumia 920 Front Housing with high quality and reasonable price.

2. As the first enterprise of the electronics parts service industry to get the ISO9001 certificated QC of quality system, ETrade Supply conducts strict visual inspection and functionality test for each Lumia 920 Front Shell before package and transportation. We also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to Front Housing for Lumia 920.

3. Therefore, please rest assured that our product quality is guaranteed. Besides, ETrade Supply also supplies other related Nokia replacement parts.


Purchasing & Installation Notes


1. Make sure you choose the right model before purchasing for fear of causing any trouble.  Please be noted that if this item is out of stock, check back frequently, as we will restock as soon as it becomes available.

2. It is advisable to install the Nokia Lumia 920 Front housing according to the appropriate installation instructions. Please put away the screws when you disassemble the cracked front housing since the new housing we provide doesn’t include the screws. You have to install the new front housing with the screws that you disassemble before.

3. Be kindly noted that ETS cannot be responsible for any possible damage caused by personal factors. In addition, when putting a lot of Lumia 920 Front housings together, please try not to pile them up because too much pressure may cause damages to the front housings.

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