How to Disassemble Nexus 5 for Screen or Parts Repair

Base on iFixit’s eight-out-of-ten score for Google LG Nexus 5 reparability, the Nexus 5 is easy to repair. You can swap out the Nexus 5 rear housing, loud speaker module, battery, earpiece speaker and headphone jack parts, etc. and replace them with the minimum of fuss.

Tearing down the phone or replacing a cracked Nexus 5 screen won’t be a big issue, so you can learn from this Nexus 5 disassembly tutorial to safely take apart your Nexus 5 for repairing a broken Nexus 5 LCD, shattered digitizer touch screen, dead battery or other damaged Nexus 5 parts. Details are showed below:

 Disassemble Nexus 5 for Screen or Parts Repair

• Replace a cracked or shattered Nexus 5 screen

• Repair a broken Nexus 5 battery door

• Fix a damaged Nexus 5 battery

• Replace a malfunctioned Nexus 5 loud speaker and ear speaker

• Replace a broken Nexus 5 charging port flex cable ribbon

• Fix Nexus 5 front and rear facing cameras

What you’ll need to disassemble/repair broken Nexus 5 parts

 repair broken Nexus 5 parts

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